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The future of ShowTix4U is on the horizon.


  • That’s great! We’re so excited for you to explore. First and foremost, we highly recommend scheduling a call with us and letting one of our guides walk you through CUR8.

    When logged into CUR8, there are Tours available on specific pages - People, Location, Asset, Schedule, Communicate and the main landing page. Click Tour in the top right corner to get a quick, but thorough rundown of the project management features in CUR8.

    There is a growing video library here.

    Also, if you click on the Pixel (square) next to all the headers inside CUR8, you’ll receive extra help about those sections.

    Articles are coming! We are currently upgrading our articles and creating new ones - please keep checking back for new ones.

  • We are committed to innovation and ensuring our clients have access to the latest tools that enhance their platform experience. ShowTix4U is a renowned ticketing system known for its reliability and ease of use. We believe it's time to build on that track record by pushing boundaries. That's why we are thrilled to announce the full integration of event management capabilities with CUR8. These new features, including tools for organizing, scheduling, and communicating, will empower you to manage every aspect of your event from inspiration to execution. It's our mission to curate and nurture the creative process everywhere events happen and build a memorable experience for everyone.

    CUR8 is about empowering you with the tools to expand your community and event experience. We're updating the platform and brand to create an elevated, collaborative experience that integrates your passion, curates your experience, and connects people in more meaningful ways. With this upgrade, we are reimagining what is possible and creating opportunities to redefine the event industry.

    Be on the lookout as there will be more details about the new, exciting features rolling out in the months ahead.

  • Great question.

    It’s spelled C - U - R, and the number 8. CUR8 is pronounced “curate.”

    The word curate, by definition, is about organizing and looking after a collection. For you, those curated collections are your events and your community of people. CUR8 is an event management, ticketing, and streaming platform that organizes and presents your collection of events, customers, and participants in an organized and professional way to maximize your efficiency and provide expert insight into your organization.

  • CUR8 is Launching July 1st, 2024. Any events created in ShowTix4U will seamlessly transition to CUR8 at launch. Rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop with all the important updates and information as we push our platform to new heights.

  • All of your existing events, past events, patron information, reports, and any other data associated with your account has been seamlessly transitioned to CUR8 at launch. ShowTix4U patron links will remain active and automatically direct patrons to the correct location on CUR8. Any new projects created directly on the CUR8 platform will have CUR8 patron links moving forward.

  • CUR8 was built around the ShowTix4U event creation and purchase process. While the existing platform has gotten a face lift and some upgrades, the process of creating events and purchasing/selling tickets on CUR8, is nearly identical to ShowTix4U.

  • There is no change to the ticket fee pricing, it is still $1.00 per ticket and 3.5% of the total transaction.

    The project management features are optional, but we really think you’re going to love them. You can use the suite of tools for free and there are additional costs for the advanced features, such as Notifications and Film Review. Just like ticketing, you can offset those costs allowing you to leverage these exciting new tools for free, too!

  • Yes, all the event types that you’re familiar with on ShowTix4U, will be available on CUR8.

  • You bet. We are expanding our capabilities to host non-performing arts events such as fundraisers, galas, car washes, whatever you might need to do. We’ve expanded the platform so that any type of event that you may need to ticket or organize can be easily created and managed on our platform. We are also becoming more inclusive by welcoming sports to the CUR8 platform.

  • If you received an email titled “The future of ShowTix4U is on the horizon” - then you are all set and will receive every CUR8 update. If you didn’t receive that email, you can hop over to CUR8.com and sign up for our email list.

  • No. Just the platform name is changing. The parent company, Digital Theatre LLC, remains the same. No change to ownership, or management, and our awesome support team will remain the same, too.